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Pamela  Voyance
Tarots et ressentis

Believe in yourself and Have faith....

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APRIL 2024

Hello, Would you like a sincere reading ... come and meet me. I take the time with each of my clients to explain and make them understand the current situation and the one to come. Being a tarologue, empathic clairvoyante, I feel peoples emotions, situations and needs. I am not here to make you believe that the best is yet to come or tell you what you want to hear, but I am here to help you find the best path and guide you towards it.   I am also here to help you get up when nothing seems to be working but most of all, I am here to encourage you to persist and never give up on yourself or your dreams.

Here is my story:

From an early age the divinatory arts have always fascinated me. Not knowing why, I tried to get answers by consulting people who could help me. To my surprise, I learned that I had a gift, my path was well on the other side of the table as a clairvoyante / tarologist / empath and not as a consultant. The learning path was difficult but, by my luck, I met people with incredible gifts who gave me the courage to perfect and trust myself. I will always be grateful to them. Today it is my turn to help you, to guide you and especially to support you in your time of need. Follow the right path of your life with a sincere, accurate and confidential reading.


We have all experienced, in the past, difficult moments, difficult situations, difficult relationships ... we all went through dark tunnels that seemed eternal to cross. We all had at one time or another a burden to carry on our shoulders. Sometimes all this, these emotions, are impregnated in the energies that surround us so it is clearly difficult to move forward with peace of mind and a joy of living. To free oneself, it is important to target what has caused our pain, to accept it, to forgive it and especially to let it go. Acceptance, forgiveness and letting go are 3 of the biggest pieces of emotional liberation. Trust yourself and find your happiness. ❣

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need a helping hand.  COACHING SESSION😊


It is with the CONFIDENCE of our person that one gets COURAGE, it is with COURAGE that one obtains STRENGTH and it is with STRENGTH that one obtains SUCCESS. Believe in yourself and in your ability to move forward and succeed. Nothing is impossible, it is a question of really believing in it and finding the way / the solution to achieve it. Trust yourself ... forever! PamelaVoyance


Come join my Facebook page. Share and communicate in a Group ... Leave you review and read reviews left by other members.  I sometimes interact by giving away a free theme or question and this is absolutely free. Do not hesitate ... invite your friends

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  • CORIANDER:     

    • Lifts moods, Combats stress and Inspires love…

  • ROSEMRAY:      

    • Improves memory, protects you from low energy and Keeps you young…

  • DILL:                 

    • Wards off colds and Attracts lovers…

  • SAGE:               

    • Increases positive energy and  Clears home of negative energy…

  • THYME:            

    • Heals emotional loss, improves sleep and courage…

  • TARRAGON:       

    • Helps to get rid of bad habits, Helps with weight loss, Helps to stop smoking…


You can get incense sticks and burn them to enjoy their magical smell and benefits.  Don’t forget to always try and be positive, it will bring the best to you…at just the right moment!!!


Merci! Thank you!

Vous avez des interrogations sur mon fonctionnement? N'hésitez pas, envoyez moi un message!  

If you have questions on how I work, don't hesitate... send me a message!

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I offer a service with respect, gentleness and above all with the aim of helping people in need. I take the time to explain and make sure the person is comfortable  with their reading. The information shared is and remains confidential. I try to respond to all your comments, your reviews and your requests as soon as possible. I reserve myself the right to cancel an appointment or to refuse one if I experience verbal and / or written aggression or harassment. In this case, if the payment has already been made, it will be automatically refunded to you. Respect for the person is very important to me… I offer kindness to you and I expect to receive it in return. For all questions concerning is important to know that I am only giving a brief overview, no diagnosis is given because I am not a specialist or a health professional. If there is a health emergency, you must consult a doctor and not a psychic. While giving you a serious and sincere service, this always remains an entertainment. You must be 18 years of age or older to obtain these services or the written consent of a parent or responsible adult.

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